A Woman’s Guide: Planning for the Perfect Road Trip

Summer is finally here, and this is the time of year when millions of people jump into their car, SUV, or RV to drive from state to state. Some people may just take a short drive from one part of a state to another, or just across the state line, while others may drive across several states to get to their final destination. This Fourth of July weekend, I was one of those people to jump into the car with my fiancé to visit his family in Knoxville, Tennessee. Since I am New York girl I have not experienced many road trips in my life, so the first thought that came to my mind before embarking on this 8-hour road trip was, “what am I going to wear and how do I avoid becoming bored?” Of course, I took to Google to search articles related to road trips. To my surprise, there were not many articles from a woman’s perspective on what to bring, and what to expect on a road trip, which inspired me to write this post.

One should consider that no matter how long the drive to make sure you wear comfortable clothes. I would stay away from tight restricting outfits. You want to be able to feel as comfortable as possible, and who can do that in a pair of skinny jeans! On the way to Tennessee I wore a romper, and on the way back I wore a racer back jersey dress, which gave me the flexibility I needed while still remaining stylish. Also, I would suggest if you are going with multiple people you should bring a light jacket or sweater, because there could be a fight over the temperature. For example, my guy loves to turn the temperature way down while I like a lightly cooled car.

Ladies if you are going to wear make-up, then keep it light. You don’t want your make-up all over the place even if you use a really good make-up setting product. When I am not in the driver’s seat, I love to lean the chair back and relax. I usually have a small pillow to put my head on, so I can sneak in a few ZZZs. No one wants to wake up to messed up make-up, or make-up stains on your pillow. I usually wear a light foundation, eye shadow, and light-colored lip-gloss. You can keep this look fresh the entire trip if you carry a nice press powder to use during rest stops!

If you are taking a long trip, then you will definitely end up at a rest stop. I am definitely not a fan of a rest stop, because you never know what you are going to get. I came prepared with my own little survival kit for when we made pit stops. My #1 must have is hand sanitizer, because there are millions of germs at those rest stops! Also, you should carry extra napkins, and a roll of toilet paper. Yes, I said a roll of toilet paper! No one wants to experience getting to a stop, and having to use the restroom, and they are all out of toilet paper!

Bringing snacks is a good idea as well, because you don’t know when you will stop, or what you will find when you do stop. Most food places on the road are greasy fast food places. I love to bring light snacks that won’t make a mess, and can fit in a small cooler or reusable grocery bag. I don’t like to use road trips as an excuse to snack on junk food, so I bring items like fruit, nuts, protein bars, sandwiches, and lots of water. I doubt you want to gain ten pounds just from a driving, so be mindful of what you eat!

Lastly, the entertainment…it doesn’t matter if you are taking a solo trip, or a group trip you want to make sure you have a good time. Whether I am driving alone or with others I love to play good music. This is the time when I like to break out the collection to listen to a range of artists from the 80s like Madonna to current day artist like Katy Perry or Rihanna. Also, if you are driving with others, then you may want to bring along some games to play, or make up a game. My guy and I brought along a couples game, which had tons of questions in it so we could learn more about each other. There are also tons of boardless games you can play from Name that Tune to Spot that Car. Since you have hours in a car standing between you and your destination why not make it enjoyable, because you know the saying, time flies when you are having fun!

Happy traveling!

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