Farm Living: A Day at Mackintosh Fruit Farm

Just a little over an hour away from the District of Columbia and Northern Virginia area there is a beautiful farm nestled away in Berryville, Virginia (Shenandoah Valley area). The Mackintosh Fruit Farm is a family owned business that grows a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables for your picking. Picking season is offered all year round, and provides different options each season. For example, in July you can pick peaches, peppers, cucumbers, and blackberries, and in September you can pick a variety of apples, squash, and pumpkins.

Once you arrive there is always someone to greet you, and ask if you need help with navigating the farm. This is my second time visiting this farm, and this city girl always has a good time. Beyond picking fresh fruits and vegetables there are other options to have a good time. There is a patio area, so if you decide to stay all day you can bring a picnic basket, or order lunch from their onsite restaurant. Their menu consists of dishes made with their fresh fruits and vegetables. I would suggest trying the fresh peach muffins or zucchini pizza.

Throughout the year there are various events hosted at the farm from Apple Butter Day to Peach festivals to Halloween events. There is also a beautiful lake in the center of the farm, and a stable full of horses. So if you just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then I would suggest taking the beautiful drive to this amazing farm!

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